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Basketball Rules

*Rules May Be Updated At Any Time


Roster: Each team must have at least 6 players.  Teams may have up to 12 players on the full time roster.  Teams must have at least 4 players at the start of the game to be eligible to play each week.  All players must be at least 18 years old at the start of the season.  All players must sign the waiver before playing.

Late Arrivals: Any player arriving late must arrive before the start of the second half.  Any late arriving player, must wait until a dead ball occurs to enter the game from the scorer's table.

Substitute Players: A team may use substitute players in any given week.  All subs must the sign the waiver before playing.  Subs must play at least once during the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoffs. A team may not play with more subs than regular players in the playoffs.



Each game will last for 40 minutes with the game being divided into two 20-minute halves. There will be a brief halftime. Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues will supply two referees and a score keeper for each game. All NCAA rules are in effect other than the exceptions made in the following rules. There is NO Dunking.

Game Start

Each game will start with a jump ball. Possession for all other jump balls will alternate possessions.


Each 20-minute half will be a running clock. In the final two (2) minutes of the second half, the clock will stop regularly on whistles, fouls, and timeouts. Time will still run on made field goals in those final two (2) minutes. In the final two minutes of a game, if a team is up by 15 points or more the clock will not stop except for timeouts.


Each team will have two (2) 30-second timeouts per half. Timeouts from the first half do not carry over to the second half.


There is no overtime during the regular season. Regular season games may end in a tie. In playoff games, there will be a 2-minute period. The first minute will be a running clock, and the second minute will be stoppage of clock. Each team will have one (1) 30-second timeout. Timeouts do not carry over from second half. 


There is no limit to the amount of substitutions during a game. Any substitution may be made during stoppage of play. Subs must report to the score keeper.

Personal/Team Fouls

Personal fouls will be recorded for all leagues. Players will foul-out after being awarded their 5th personal foul. All technical fouls will be recorded as personal fouls.  A team begins shooting one-and-one on the seventh team foul of each half and continues shooting one-and-one on any following fouls until the tenth team foul. On the tenth team foul teams will be awarded two free throws for that and every team foul during the remainder of the half. If a technical foul happens to be the seventh team foul, the team will shoot the two free throws for the technical and receive the ball, however they will not receive the bonus one and one. All shooting fouls are 2 shot fouls unless the shooter is attempting a 3 point shot. Then they will receive three shots. If a foul is an intentional foul the player will receive 2 shots and the ball. 

Technical Fouls

A technical foul will be counted as a personal foul. Any player assessed two (2) technical fouls will be immediately ejected from the game. Any player ejected from a game, will be ineligible to play the following week. A player may be ejected after the first technical foul depending on the severity of the foul under the discretion of the referee. All technical fouls result in 2 shots and the possession.

Free Throws

When administering free throws the first marked lane space (the lane space adjacent to the end line) no player shall occupy this space. The second marked lane space shall be occupied by opponents of the free thrower. No teammate of the free thrower shall occupy either of these marked lane spaces. The third marked lane spaces on each side may be occupied by teammates of the free thrower. The fourth marked lane spaces may by occupied by opponents of the free thrower. Any player, other than the free thrower, who does not occupy marked lane space, must be behind the free throw line extended and behind the three-point line.

Forfeits -


Sportsmanship - 

*Sportsmanship to be determined at the discretion of the league official or Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues Representative on site.   All players on all teams MUST adhere to good sportsmanship .   There will be escalating penalties for any player/team not using good sportsmanship.

First offense - asked to sit out for a few plays

Second (2) time being removed from a game, player will be finished for the game.

Any player ejected from the game/match, will be ineligible to play the following week.(In days where more than (1) game is played by a team, player will have to sit for game immediately following ejection). Any player ejected twice (2) in a single season will be removed from the league and no longer eligible to play for the rest of the season. Any player ejected in multiple leagues may be ruled no longer welcome in Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues.  League Valley Sports Leagues will keep a running log of any incident that occurs.

Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues supports and follows all rules at venues where games are played. There are NO GLASS CONTAINERS allowed at any venue which allows for the consumption of alcohol. Teams are expected to clean up after themselves each week and throw out any garbage.  

Venues Locations

Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues will make every attempt to maintain dates, times, and locations of all games in a given league. There may be events outside of Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues control that will affect the league scheduling and result in a change in date, time, location, and number of games played in a given week.

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