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Bowling Rules


Teams are made up of 4 players.  Gender does not matter.  Players who miss any week will be blinded out for that week and their averages used for their scores (including playoffs).

Game play

Teams must adhere to proper ediquette at all times during the games.  Teams will need to record their scores at the end of each game and turn in their score sheet to the front desk at the end of the night.  Teams will be matched up against another team (or 'ghost team' in the event of odd number of teams).  Teams will play 3 games each night.  Teams score a total of four (4) points each week for each game win and total score.  In the event of a tie during playoff weeks, the team with the highest total scratch pins will be declared the winning team.

Forfeits -


Sportsmanship - 

*Sportsmanship to be determined at the discretion of the league official or Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues Representative on site.

All players on all teams MUST adhere to good sportsmanship.  There will be escalating penalties for any player/team not using good sportsmanship.

First offense - asked to sit out for a few plays

Second (2) time being removed from a game, player will be finished for the game.

Any player ejected from the game/match, will be ineligible to play the following week.(In days where more than (1) game is played by a team, player will have to sit for game immediately following ejection).  Any player ejected twice (2) in a single season will be removed from the league and no longer eligible to play for the rest of the season. Any player ejected in multiple leagues may be ruled no longer welcome in Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues. Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues will keep a running log of any incident that occurs. 

Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues supports and follows all rules at venues where games are played. There are NO GLASS CONTAINERS allowed at any venue which allows for the consumption of alcohol. Teams are expected to clean up after themselves each week and throw out any garbage. 

Venues Locations

Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues will make every attempt to maintain dates, times, and locations of all games in a given league. There may be events outside of Lehigh Valley Sports Leagues control that will affect the league scheduling and result in a change in date, time, location, and  number of games played in a given week.

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