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Officials' Fee Policy

All games will be officiated by referees, umpires and monitors coordinated by LVSL.  By restrictions and requirements of Pennsylvania Law, officials are not employees of LVSL or paid by LVSL.  Compensation for officials is to be provided by participants on-site before the game starts for the services they provide as independent contractors.  The recommended payment method is Venmo, a FREE mobile money exchange service allowing account holders to send and receive money using their smartphone.  Officials will not start a game until fees are paid in full; they reserve the right to cancel any game due to non-payment.  If a team forfeits, the team that forfeits is responsible for payment of both teams' fees in order to remain eligible to participate in subsequent weeks (captain will be invoiced/billed).  You will be notified at the beginning of the season the exact league fees.  

PAYMENT GUIDELINES:  Below are some tips to help make paying Officials' fees fast and easy to help games get underway as soon as possible!

  • All LVSL Officials are encouraged, but not required, to have Venmo accounts making transactions very convenient and eliminates the need to carry/collect cash.
  • Prior to the start of the season, captains or a voluntary/elected team representative can collect fees on a per-player basis in a Venmo account for the entire season or multiple weeks in advance if a team expects steady attendance.
  • When seasonal fees are collected internally by a team in a Venmo account, players can easily send and receive their individual weekly amounts of total team fees requiring one single transaction with the official each week.
  • Teams can choose to have weekly fees paid in an equal amount per player based on actual weekly attendance (pay to play) OR by number of total roster positions (pay your weekly share whether you play or not as a committed rostered player - RECOMMENDED BY LVSL to encourage healthy attendance and also in the event of forfeit).
  • Fees can be paid in any combination of Venmo funds or cash, no personal checks will be accepted.

Below is a breakdown of officials' fees paid per team, per game.    


Other Leagues: $25/Team

If only 1 official is present, the official fee is $15/Team


$10/Team ($5/match)



If only 1 official is present, the official fee is $15/Team









**Basketball & Football will have 2 officials.  In the event there is ONLY 1 official, a discount will be provided as noted above.

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